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Curzon & Jones is the leading Hospitality Management and Business Consulting Company based in Nigeria. We specialise in Hotel management, Hotel Pre-Opening Consultancy, Hotel System Installation, Procurement and staff training for the hospitality industry in Nigeria.

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We are an integrated marketing communication agency with a niche focus on hotel management, restaurant restructuring and general business solutions. Our team is made up of millennials who understand the importance of the digital space to emerging and established businesses. We offer services in sales training, hotel management, and online public relations among others.

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Curzon and Jones Hospitality provides innovative, practical and profitable methods of improving the way hotel properties are operated. Our Hospitality Services specialises in offering a full range of  hands-on hotel management services, spanning from accounting, sales and marketing, food and beverage, human resources, auditing, revenue management. We would redesign your core business and restructure your outlet from the kitchen to your finance and create an ironclad strategy to ensure your hotel becomes profitable.


Fully booked for an event?  Your search is over for casual staff. With a database of over 1000+ staff including cooks, housekeepers, waiters, bartenders, maintenance we offer 24/7 service and can get you a casual worker in an hour. Visit to get that trained staff now!


Need a new cocktail menu? Curzon &Jones  has designed and developed over 100 unique bespoke cocktail menus for hotels and bars in Nigeria. Enough of the boring cocktails lets hook you up.


Our revenue management courses are targeted at professionals such as hotel managers, revenue managers, account managers, sales managers and front desk managers and all those who want to experience an overall improvement in their hotels. With experienced facilitators, we aim to analyse major methods of market penetration that have been ignored by many hospitality businesses.

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Statistics show that about 60% of new restaurants fail within the first year. And nearly 80% shut down or change ownership before their fifth anniversary. Declining cash flow, increasing food costs, and inability to make money are common issues that affect many restaurant owners than would be expected. It’s a tough, lonely, and frustrating place to be. Are you on this lonely path? We are the restaurant revenue professionals, Contact us for a one-hour free consultation.

hotel pre-opening services in nigeria

Opening a hotel is an art in itself. Critical timelines and paths need to be controlled and managed in detail.  In preparation for the opening of your new hotel, we will develop and implement a hotel business action plan - including strategy development, checklists and action plans. Our international hospitality specialists are here to turn your hotel project into a great success. With our best practices and hands-on approach, we will uncover your hotel's hidden revenue potential, driving both top line revenue and bottom line profit. Ranging from independent boutique hotels, luxury design hotels and modern budget hotels, we have a proven track record of success in the industry.

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Do you know that your newspaper ads expire the same day? The Online PR strategy is a great, low-cost technique for making more people aware of your brand. It is closely associated with improving results from digital marketing communications techniques which include: social media, SEO (link-building), and partnership marketing. Reach your target audience through our effective digital marketing technique.

Marketing Solutions

Startups and thriving businesses need comprehensive marketing programs, thus, we have a wide range of options to choose from. Our marketing strategies are creative, practical, and proactive. We keep your budget and calendar top of mind.


We can prepare your campaign's creative material, plan its exposure, and organise its public relations support. We will send out “your brand” across to your targeted audience via third-party channels. We will also help organise media presence and engagement, as most of the content will be interactive and educative. We have an affiliation with top blogs, online newspapers and youtube influencers.

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Content writing

Do you need help producing regular content? We have the most talented content writers, scriptwriters, and editors with one mission in mind, engage readers with your message. Call us now!

SME Training

We are aware that startup is the toughest part of any business let alone one in a highly competitive market in Nigeria and new brands require an in-depth strategy in understanding their USP and creating the right brand identity. Let’s create your brand identity and develop your brand strategy.

Sales Solution

Are you happy with your sales team? Are you are offering more money and getting less value? Is your business on the verge of crumbling? Try out our sales solution! Having a  talented sales team is better than magic. No business can thrive without an active sales team.

Rent A Sales Pro

What if you can get one of the best sales professional in your company for one week? We have trainers in the below field: Banking; FMCG; Retail; hospitality; Small businesses. Send us your sales brief and outlet profile now, and we would connect you to your suitable sales professional.

Sales Ninja

Is your revenue down? Do you need a boost in your revenue? Are you having trouble securing a face-to-face meeting with decision makers? Look no further, Curzon and Jones’ team of hospitality sales professionals are ready to work in your outlet for zero to three months. Take over the “money making” aspect of your business while your competitors watch.

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We are a little bit of everything you need from an agency and our strength is in our people. We have in-house experts in strategy, media engagement, aviation PR and BTL activation.

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Curzon and Jones Blog  is focused on showing  the highs and low of every experience relating to travelling in Nigeria, from getting a passport to applying for a visa, or choosing what airline to fly with? Undecided go to our blog for travel deals and tips.

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In an economy where over 120 million Nigerians are surviving on less that than 2USD per day travelling has become a luxury hence we created this forum to assist intending travellers make a guided decision.

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