Setting up a restaurant may be your dream to achieve but that dream can be cut short if not set up successfully. Owning a restaurant could be one of the most rewarding experiences you would get to experience, so if you are looking set up your restaurant here is a checklist to go through;

10 Important Steps To Take When Setting Up A Restaurant

Create a Restaurant Concept and Brand: Determine the concept and brand you want your restaurant to be associated with it. Your concept should include the type of restaurant you want to open, the dishes to be served, and the style of the service you would employ. The brand you choose should communicate your mission and vision to the public.

Develop a Business Plan for your Restaurant: Create a business plan that would lay out the foundation of your business operations. Your plan should be divided into sections that outline all the features of your restaurant, from the concept to your financials.

Get Fundings: Setting up a restaurant requires a lot of capital, you would need to analyze the opening and operational cost. Start by estimating total restaurant startup costs along with the cost needed for daily operations then you use this information to create a budget and forecast the total cost of running your restaurant for the next year. With this done you can now secure funds, there are different options to get funding from, you can get a loan from a bank or you can get funds from private investors.

Select the Ideal Location: The location your restaurant is located in would go a long way in generating profit for you, it can make or break your restaurant. Here are two factors to consider when selecting a location;

  • Visibility
  • Customer traffic

Register Your Business: To help you build your brand and stand out you need to register your business name with the proper authorities. Don’t make the mistake of setting up your hotel first before registering it.

Obtain the right licenses and permits needed to open your restaurant: Other than the standard business licenses and permits needed to open your restaurant you still need to acquire other licenses such as liquor licenses. Also, make sure you conduct research on food safety regulations and standards to adhere to.


Order restaurant equipment: Be strategic when getting restaurant equipment, equipments can be quite expensive so ensure you prioritize the equipment, start from things you absolutely need which would be determined by your menu. You can save money by spending less on items not necessary.  


Hire the right staff:  Recruit staffs that align with the needs and concept of your restaurant. Make a list of staff needed to run your restaurant efficiently then recruit them, while doing this decide on a payroll.


Design a Menu: your menu should reflect your restaurant’s concepts and brand, it can be a marketing tool that can aid in convincing customers to patronize you, your descriptions should be concise and appealing to your audience.


Create a marketing plan: Before setting up your restaurant develop a marketing plan that would drive awareness, sales, and revenue. It is important to use the right marketing tactics for everything from soft opening to grand opening.

Hire the right Consultant for your Restaurant Set Up

Employ the services of a consultancy firm for your restaurant set up, there are various restaurants around today each with a unique brand which is why you must aim to stand out, a lot of planning must so into successfully setting up your hotel and you would still experience challenges along the way, it is for this reason that hiring a hospitality management company would be highly beneficial to you.  Curzons and Jones is a hospitality management company that would set up and ensure the continuous growth of your restaurant.

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