Websites turn potential customers to guests and guests to returning returning guests. Its benefits are so obvious that not having one at this age in time is rather absurd. Look around you, everyone is online, why not jump on the wagon?!

Look around you, everyone is online. Meals, clothes, shoes, virtually everything is being achieved online today. People want to be able to get things done fast, easily and comfortably. What better way to give them this, if not through having a website for your hotel? The importance and benefits of websites to hotels are so obvious that not having one at this age in time is rather absurd. Hotels who have their own websites tend to realize more than those who don't. This is because most people make their final decisions right there on the website. It goes to show how much having a website can go a long way in influencing the growth of your hotel business. 

Here are top benefits that come with having a website for your hotel:

Portrays the brand image

A website can tell stories about your business. It serves as the voice of the brand, i.e it tells people what your hotel really stands for. This means that your website is the first point of interaction with a potential guest. The experience they get from it will determine the decision they make at the end of the day. Thus, making use of the right images and placing the right contents on your website can help in influencing visitors, such that they are converted to guests. You might be wondering how do I place the right image, how do I construct good contents for my hotel web design? The thing is, you don’t have to beat yourself up about this. Jones Hospitality has got web designers who are experts in the Nigerian hospitality industry and beyond. Additionally, our sister company, Think Out of D Box, is the perfect curator of quality contents that are capable of creating good first impressions in the mind of visitors who visit your website.

Easily reach out to guests

Interaction between guests and the hotel is made easy through the website. For instance, you get to notify them of new amenities and experiences through well-optimized blog content. Additionally, those who end up visiting your website can easily find and reach out to you. 

It is a strong marketing channel

With the great influx of social media use, businesses have now become more inclined to use social media platforms as a marketing tool that they forget the importance of having a website to that effect. Social media is great, but making it the sole online marketing channel of your hotel is rather limiting and deprives you of other benefits that come from having a website. A website serves as an effective method of showing and telling all that ‘you’ are to people. Incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into it, and you find your hotel enjoying great visibility. SEO is simply a way of making your business rank highly on SERPs, e.g Google, Bing, etc. Additionally, having your social media pages included in your hotel website will help improve engagement. 

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It establishes confidence

If there is one way to win the trust of a potential guest, it is through a website. This is because websites prove authenticity. A visitor who is able to see the location or pictures of your hotel right there on your website will automatically feel at ease to stay on the page and go ahead to book. Thus, having a website for your hotel shows that you exist and true. 

Increases revenue

In the long run, hotels tend to maximize more profit when they have a website of their own. From portraying the brand image to making use of effective SEO tactics, you realize more visibility in your hotel business, which of course, brings about increased traffic of potential guests unto your sites. These potential customers are converted into guests, which in turn results in increased revenue.

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