There are numerous hospitality businesses in Nigeria. Thus, one way to succeed amongst the multitude is to stand out.  Incorporating employee uniforms into your hotel or restaurant does help in achieving that. However, not just any uniform will do. There are certain factors you need to consider when choosing staff uniforms.


Colours play a huge role in the businesses. There are meanings attached to each colour. Black is mostly perceived as professional, elite, firm, etc. You should consider this if you run a strictly professional hotel or restaurant . Yellows will work greatly for fast food restaurants. 


Employee uniforms must pass a message in style. They play a huge role in attracting the group of people you have in mind. A polo shirt style for instance is a good way to strike a balance between professional and casual. 

Durability and Comfort

Whatever uniform type you use must be durable and comfortable. Go for fabrics that won't wear easily. You definitely wouldn't opt for nylon. Also important is comfort. Ensure your employees wear uniforms that are comfortable, so that they can carry on their day's work effectively. 

Make security a priority

This is very particular in the hospitality industry. Ensure you take safety into consideration when selecting staff uniforms. For instance, you would want to go for flame retardant clothings for chefs and cooks.

It must reflect your brand

By putting your logo on the uniforms, you don't only make it easy for your employees to identify themselves with your business, they also become medium for advertisement and represent your brand.

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