What is Hotel Property Management System & What is Hotel Management?

Hotel property management system(PMS) is a software that provides a set of solutions that hoteliers use to manage all aspects of their hotel business operations. PMS is designed to manage the day-to-day hotel operations such as reservations, front-desk, administrative tasks, housekeeping, maintenance, billing, analytics and reporting. It serves as the centre of hotel operations and ensures the seamless flow of inter departmental information, this helps hotel staff to better coordinate the operational functions across all the departments. This enables hoteliers to deliver amazing guest experiences.

Hotel management is very essential to your business, it involves the management of anything that is related to the hotel industry with the primary objective of successfully running your hotel while managing the other aspects of the business at the same time. Hotel property management system aids in the successful management of your hotel by providing a cloud-based solution that effectively aids your hotel management.

The benefits of hotel PMS includes;

  • Enhanced Front Desk Capabilities: Hotel PMS enables hotel staff to check guests in and out, assign rooms and enable guest services anytime and from anyplace.
  • Access to Hotel Data Online and on Multiple Devices: Hotel PMS allows you to access the system through various devices such as desktop computer, Laptop, tablets or mobile devices, giving you a central view of all you booking and room occupancy that is easily adjustable. This aids you in efficiently managing your hotel and respond to request in real-time.
  • Integrated Hotel Back-office System: The hotel back-office system performs analytical functions and provides accurate reports, which vastly cuts down the time spent on administrative duties thereby saving time and reducing human errors.
  • Increases Housekeeping and Maintenance Efficiency: Hotel PMS provides housekeeping and maintenance functionality that alerts staff in real-time to schedule room cleaning or maintenance and manage inventory. It helps identify and manage room maintenance needs faster, making room management more flexible thereby promoting excellent guest experience.
  • Enhanced Guest Experience: The automation of daily operations and administrative tasks promotes a consistent provision of quality services along with a more streamlined check-in and check-out experience which will boost your guest happiness. Hotel property management system will likely mean an increase level of retention in both guests and staff.



In the hotel business property management system makes the administrative operations easier for hoteliers and help better perform daily activities. Hoteliers can coordinate all hotel reservations, guest data, billing options and other daily tasks streamlining them; improve financial performance and cover the entire experience for guests, including the booking process to capturing guest data for future interaction.

Hotel businesses should realise these benefits and focus on digital solutions designed to meet their operational needs and boost their profit. There are various PMS software out there but a highly recommended one is Horeca Cloud, Horeca Cloud is a cloud-based PMS software solution that helps you manage your business effectively from anywhere, you gain all the above mentioned benefits from Horeca Cloud and more which makes it quite unique compared to other hotel management software. Visit Horeca Cloud Website for more details about them.