When it comes to generating revenue your website becomes one of the most important channels for your business, it shouldn’t just be a place where potential guests can browse the information and details of your business, but it should also be where guests can book directly with your hotel and it should be fully optimized to showcase every feature of your hotel. Here are 5 ways your website can generate revenue for your hotel

  • Responsive Website: When creating a website for your hotel always bear in mind that most users are most likely browsing from their mobile devices, so ensure your website is responsive, this means it can be accessed on all types of devices, also ensure it is user friendly and the booking engine integrated into it is user friendly and responsive as well.
  • Faster Load Time: Ideally your website should take 2-5 seconds to load, 70% of guest who is surfing through your hotel website can get frustrated when your site fails to load fast and they would move on to your competitor’s website which is a loss for you. Optimizing your hotel website load time is a vital step in securing more direct bookings to your property because regardless of how stunning your site may be guests would not get to see it if the load time is slow. Not only would this frustrate guests but it would lower your search engine ranking which is important in attracting direct bookings.

  • Boost Revenue through Design: How the guest navigates easily through your website comes down to how your site is designed and the navigation. Ensure that your design and content co-exist perfectly and one is not lost in the other, try to avoid using irrelevant pop-up ads, they tend to be off-putting, ensure your website is filled with visually stunning pictures of your hotels and clear call to action buttons to encourage people to book directly with you.
  • Booking Engine: Ensure your website is integrated with a user-friendly booking engine that would encourage guests to book directly on your site, potential guests who love what your website design and what your hotel offers might decide to book but would be turned off if they have to go through a long process, try going for a booking engine that requires less process to book with you, this would go a long way in improving the guest experience.
  • Showcase Reviews: You can build trust and solidify your reputation by showcasing reviews on your website, regardless of how stunning your hotel looks no one would want to book with you if you have a bad reputation and reviews. Rather than relying solely on third-party agencies for online reviews which can be sometimes difficult to manage you can incorporate a review section into your website which would allow guests to leave reviews on your site, this way you can showcase to potential guests an insight into your hotel through what previous customers have to say and it is easier for you to respond to reviews.

When building a website for your hotel it is very crucial to ensure that it is properly optimized to generate revenue for your hotel that’s why it is advisable to employ the services of a seasoned website builder who understands how to ensure the continuous flow of revenue through your website to build it for you. We at Curzon and Jones are experts in the hospitality business as we set up and manage hospitality businesses our services also extend to recruiting and website building for hospitality businesses so why not contact one of our seasoned website builders to build yours today!!

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