Good restaurant management tips aren’t so much a novelty as it’s often portrayed, albeit it requires utmost commitment, and diligence.

Are you about giving up on your restaurant business? Is your restaurant sick? Have you tried all the strategies you know, and sales keep declining every day? If this is you, and you have planned to shut down the business, wait! One more thing! Try the proven restaurant management tips in this post, but if you need more information about ideas and guidelines on how a successful restaurant in Nigeria contact Curzon & Jones for a one-hour free consultation.

Truth be told, good restaurant management tips aren’t so much a novelty as it’s often portrayed, albeit it requires utmost commitment, diligence, insight and understanding.

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The modern day’s restaurant management tips revolve around managing the staff, the daily operation of the institution, hiring and firing,  handling complaints, using the internet to promote the business, tracking sales and basic accounting.

Train Your Team

The secret of top hotels and restaurants in Nigeria is consistent training. Do you train your staff once and neglect the change process? Are you scared they will leave, and never want to think of training them again? Step up!  As perhaps the cornerstone of your establishment, your staff will determine how fast the restaurant grows. You need to train them regularly because proper training breeds an aura of understanding amongst themselves as well as when interacting with clients. Training makes them proud of the restaurant, which invariably works even when you aren’t there to monitor their performance. From the waitstaff to the house kitchen staff, each person needs to be the best at his or her job if your restaurant is going to run smoothly.

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Embrace Technology

In today’s business models technology is the key. If you have not embraced it yet, you are risking your restaurant. Best tips on restaurant management emanate from technology. Try a few Free Hotel and Restaurant management software to get experience in working with technology.There are a lot of excellent Apps for the hospitality industry that can get you closer to technology and save a lot of cost for your establishment.

Watch Cash Flow Closely

Cash flow is the amount of cash coming in versus the amount of cash going out of your business. It should be monitored daily, weekly, and monthly.

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A daily business review report can help analyse sales trends, payroll costs, customer counts, and to predict future sales. The prices of food change frequently, so the cost of running your business will change as well.

At times, it is hard to decipher if you are making a profit or not. If you don’t understand this basic concept of restaurant finances, you'll put yourself at great financial risk.

The Restaurant Service is all About Service

Hospitality is all about service. Customer service holds the key in the hospitality industry and that must always reverberate within the system of your restaurant or any other food service establishment. No doubt, keeping clients satisfied at all times can be daunting. Making the entire process of losing no clients the responsibility of every employee within the realms of your restaurant is gold.

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If you spot a problem with the way your staff relate to clients, relax and work to rectify in the future. Needless to add, always ensure that the health and food safety regulations are followed. Quality and service are two pillars that you should always concentrate on as a restaurant owner.

Start Catering for Events for Restaurants

Perhaps, you can easily expand into catering large and small events. You already have all the resources - food, equipment, and staff. If you want to incorporate catering as a service offered by your restaurant, you should understand the different types of food services that customers will be looking for. Take time to surf the internet for more information on this.

Promote Your Restaurant

Have you thought of running Instagram and Facebook ads for your restaurant? If no, start thinking and acting on it. You can also contact Curzon & Jones for restaurants digital marketing services in Nigeria. Kindly send a mail to for more infomation.