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Yesterday, I saw a friend’s Instagram status with the caption “if travelling was free, you will never see me again”. Sure, his dream is to travel the world, but little did he know that there are some countries he could travel to without going through the long process of getting a Visa.  If you have a valid Nigerian international passport, forget about waking up while it is yet night, to join a long queue of people interested in getting a visa to UK, USA Australia or Canada. There are a number of countries Nigerians can travel to without a visa.

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However, you must meet the eligibility requirements to get one.While some of these countries require that you obtain a visa immediately on arrival, some allow you stay for a specified period before you will be required to obtain a visa, and some will not even require that you obtain a visa, no matter how long you spend. These countries have a few things in place as a means of screening travellers. These include:

  • Six months validity on your passport
  • At least two blank visa pages on your passport
  • Hotel/accommodation bookings throughout the duration of your stay
  • Travel insurance in case of an emergency
  • Valid ID card
  • Evidence of sufficient funds
  • Return Tickets
  • Transit visa in case of a connecting flight

However, there are some countries that you can travel to without applying for a visa but you’ll be asked to pay for the visa alongside the above requirement prior to your entry.

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If you are a travel junkie and you are fascinated with nature and history. Barbados is your perfect destination. When you get there,be sure to visit the Harrison Cave, Bathsheba, Animal Flower Cave and the Barbados Wildlife Reserve but to mention a few. If natural attraction isn’t your thing, visit St Nicholas Abbey, The Parliament Buildings, George Washington House or The Barbados Museum and Historical Society.




Zanzibar is full of scenic beaches and luxury resorts. Visitors get to experience the rich culture and heritage of the island. It offers a wide variety of adventure and exciting activities. If you want to enjoy your holiday in natural scenery of forests and beautiful coastline, Zanzibar is the perfect destination for you. Nigerians can visit Zanzibar for 90 days; visa can be acquired on arrival at the point of entry.

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Seychelles is the ideal wedding destination. It was pronounced ‘uninhabited’ throughout recorded history. Whoever found this ‘Paradise on Earth’ as it is popularly called, found an abode of beauty. There is a one month visitor’s permit on arrival at this Island group and Republic in the Indian oceans and the thought of being on an island is just surreal.  Catch some fun at Kreole Institute Adelaide studio,Cousin Island Special Reserve, Ile Cocos Marine National Park, Kenwyn House, and so much more.


Located off the coast of East Africa, Comoros is a small country island. It is not always populated, which makes it perfect for an exotic vacation. Not only is Comoros Island undeniably stunning, there are a lot of things to do and see on the island. Nigerians are granted visa on arrival at the point of entry in Comoros.

Comoros Island

Fiji Island

Fiji island has a calm atmosphere and moderate climate all year round. Nigerians can visit and stay in Fiji Island for 4 months without a visa.
Fiji Island


Tourism is the largest economic industry in Maldives. It has tourist attractions like the Mulee-aage Palace, National Museum, Islamic Center, Hithadoo, Gan. So scuba diving and sight seeing.  



Mauritius offers everything you can ever think of. It is arguably the best vacation destination in Africa.  Nigerians can visit and stay in Mauritius for 14 days without visa. Check out Mauritius in 7 days, to experience the glamour the country has to offer.