It's one thing to know what something is, it's another to actually know how to go about achieving that thing. Sometimes, a little inspiration here and there gets us in the game. Explore 7 guerrilla marketing ideas by top brands in the world, right here in this article. Enjoy!

You probably already know what Guerrilla marketing is all about but do not know how to go about it. You know it requires an unconventional approach of creativity in marketing your brand. You seem aware of all these but still don't know what to do, what campaigns to carry out, what they should look like or where they should be.

Thus, this article will provide 7 real-life guerrilla marketing campaigns that you can draw some inspiration to boost your business.


1) Frontline Shopping Centre Ad

Brilliant guerrilla marketing tactics featuring a large image of a dog trying to scratch off something. Here is the fun part; those who walk on that sidewalk become the fleas the dog is trying to scratch off. Awesome right?!

2) Bounty Giant Spill Campaign

Bounty creates two giant spills on the streets of New York and Los Angeles. In New York, people were met with a huge cup of coffee knocked over on the road, spilling coffee with some steam and aroma at that!

In Los Angeles on the other hand, commuters were encountered with a giant ice cream melting on the sidewalk. Accompanied with these gigantic displays were a sampling of Bounty paper towels and an Ad display that read "Bounty – Makes small work of BIG spills".

3) Axe Body Spray Campaign

Axe body spray makes use of custom stickers to create a genius campaign for their product. All they needed were exit signs to create the familiar exit man story. You will find in the above image how they created a story about a man who is trying to escape from women.

4) MacDonald's use of Zebra Crossings

McDonald's utilizes the zebra crossing to their advantage, painting them yellow as french fries with the usual package of the brand in place.

5) Ad Campaign in Bus by IWC

It's quite common these days to see ads on buses, but the watch brand, IWC took it to another level of genius! They made use of handles as an advertising tool. Anyone who uses these handles will get to see how the watch fits beautifully on their wrists which of course encourages them to go ahead and make a purchase.

6) Advil Stabbing Poster Ad

Advil implemented a top-notch imaginative approach in creating the ad above. They created an image of a man holding his head and placed the poster on a pole. You will find that it had the pole poking straight through his head, with a tagline read, “More Powerful than Pain.” This was meant to create awareness for their pain product, and it sure did!

7) KitKat and a Park Bench

KitKat used brown-bench that looked just like the KitKat bar in a very brilliant manner. Half of the bench was painted in the brand's wrapper, making it look like a candy beat bench. The realistic look will surely leave an impact on the minds of viewers.

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