Something Special From The Wheatbaker Hotel Ikoyi

Here’s something special for you from The Wheatbaker Hotel for the month of April - Himalayan salt scrub and a Warm Essential Oil Massage.  

It’s always nice to get a little pampering, and with Himalayan salt scrub, you can accomplish just that.  A Himalayan salt scrub will help to stimulate fluid flow, reduce cellulite, and improve the overall tone and health of your skin. A Warm Essential Oils massage will add a hearty dose of mood-improving aromatherapy.

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The Himalayan salt itself is so rich in minerals and trace elements, like calcium, magnesium, and iron. It also helps to eliminate toxins, balance electrolyte and pH levels, strengthen bones, and support circulation to name a few things. This scrub nourishes your skin with all of the minerals and trace elements of the salt.

Our special offers are limited-time deals, meaning you get the best available prices here. All of our offers are specially tailored for your benefits. Hotel deals and extras are limited so book now!