Constructing a new cocktail menu is hard work, especially if you’re just starting out. You can start by asking certain questions. See Below!

Drink it however you like it - it's your cocktail

If that's how you're going to start to develop an appreciation for the flavours, you can start with your signature cocktail.

Constructing a new cocktail menu is hard work, especially if you’re just starting out. You can start with questions like: how many cocktails should I have on my list? What types of cocktails should I choose? What works in my location? What will my customers like? There is no single set of recommendations for how you should build a cocktail menu because every bar is different.

You can start with recognisable cocktails, a ‘safe serve’ like the Mojito, Cosmopolitan or Long Island Ice Tea. Then, you can build on this with something new.

There are many ways to add your own style to your cocktail list. Changing glassware to reflect your establishment, local twists that are unique to your area or even changing the ingredients slightly can be all you need to set your cocktail apart. Adding a twist to a cocktail goes beyond what is usually expected. It could just be adding an extra layer to the drinkers experience, with this, you can get  the opportunity for a higher price that is justified in the buyer's mind. Your signature drink needs to be delicious, easy to make and cost-effective.  There’s no point in making a drink that tastes delicious but costs you more to make that you make in selling it. But all this come with adequate knowledge of the hospitality industry. Thus, you may have to contact a pro.

You must also take the skills of staff, space, and equipment available in your bar into account. Where you have more space for cocktail stations you can produce serves that require some extra preparation time but elevate the customer experience and spend. The Pina Colada and Espresso Martini are popular choices so should be offered if you have the capabilities, with fresh cream and fresh coffee required respectively.

When upgrading your cocktail, or creating a new menu, it’s important that it fits in with your venue. From your décor, menu design and uniforms to your beer range, cocktail selection and food, everything should work together.

Write descriptions that entice your guest to purchase the drink and that it should leave a little bit of intrigue and mystery. A sweet description like: " champagne gives an air of sophistication to a cocktail."

Put time in place for training your team, this will improve the quality and the speed of your service, the faster the service the more serves you can sell.

Above all keep it simple, manageable and within the capability of your staff.

Once you’re happy with your selection, it’s time to get them on paper. Cocktail menus are your principal tool for advertising and up-selling cocktails. At Curzon & Jones, we design and engineer menus every day using a mixture of techniques, covering four areas: psychology, marketing & strategy, price and graphic design.

For marketing & strategy, we pair cocktails with food for potential up-sell opportunity. With our graphic design services, we manage the overall arrangement, size and appearance of the menu. It's just the right time to contact us for your menu design. Send a mail to or call 08027400844 to get started!