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Happy customers come from excellent service and are your best advocates better than your best-trained marketer.

September 27, 2018

Customer service is a company’s opportunity to connect with customers, solve problems, and show they care. And when customer service is executed well, it can resonate with customers for years to come hence the need for training.

Employees, who are properly trained and demonstrate professional customer service skills, can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. This helps the business retain customers and improve profits. It costs less to retain loyal customers than to acquire new ones. In addition, satisfied customers are more open to additional sales messages and are likely to refer others to that business. Customer support shouldn’t be an afterthought. Happy customers come from excellent service and are your best advocates — better than your best-trained marketer.

Why You Should Train Your Customers

Training all employees using consistent customer service skills, allows them to have a common process and language when assisting customers. This allows the business to brand their interaction of excellent service to the customer, which adds value to the business.  Investing in employee training gives employees a feeling of value and improves morale. In addition, when employees feel valued, they value their customers. This could be a result of effective customer service skills training, which not only benefits the employee, but will enhance the relationships with the customers. These important factors can help to increase employee loyalty, reduce employee turnover, and lower productivity costs.

Training tips that your employees need to learn:

1. The Customer is Always Right

Granted, the customer is not right 100% of the time;however, it behooves your company to make sure that your customers are almost always right or that they walk away feeling that they are. People don't want to haggle and argue, nor do they want to feel as if they "lost" in their interaction with a company's customer service. They don't care to be berated,ignored or passed from one associate to another, especially for a product or service they're paying for. Get them into a negative encounter or a confrontation with one of your employees and you’ll see them swiftly head for a competitor's doors.

2. Do Everything with a Smile

It sounds simple enough to say that service must be given with a smile, yet how often does it really happen? One study found that 42% of consumers are put off by rude, unhelpful employees. Everyone has dealt with the employee who never smiles and seems to care less about what happens. This sort of attitude is impermissible in your staff and must be thoroughly addressed in your customer service training sessions.

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3. Concept of Caring

Nothing creates satisfied clients and produces long-term customers better than an organization full of employees who truly care about their customers and show it. Make sure your employees get in the habit of asking: “How are you doing?” or “How are your kids?” Tied into this"simple caring" is the skill of active listening. Train your employees to listen attentively to the customer's statements and responses to questions.

4. Employees Must Always Be Polite and Professional

This is a must, no matter what happens. Irate customers come and go. Overly demanding clients are sure to walk through the door. Make sure your team members stay calm, polite and professional at all times. Make sure they don't become condescending, dismissive and cold, even in the face of the most challenging customer. You want your employees to win the hearts of your customers so they come back and bring their friends with them. Cold customer service won't do it. Make sure their visit is pleasantly memorable so they want to come back. And if the customer is being belligerent, don't stoop to their level and give them even more to complain about.

5. Positive Attitudes Translate To Great Customer Service

Your staff must be positive and energetic, even when they don’t feel like it. This is especially important on bad days. Just because they’re having a bad day doesn’t mean they should foist it off on your customers. Nothing will turn off a client faster than a negative interaction with an employee who is supposed to provide customer service.

6. Have a Rapid-Response Policy

Rapid responses and prompt feedback must be included in your customer service training. If you have a help desk, make sure that customers aren't put on hold for extended periods of time. Set a policy that all responses to routine business inquiries must be within 24 or 48 hours. Nothing is more irritating to a client than not getting a return phone call or not having an email answered for days, if at all. Make sure your company does not suffer from this sort of negligence. It appears as laziness, ineptness and unprofessionalism. Require your employees to stick to a rapid-response policy.

Our Customer Service training

Curzon & Jones offers state of the art customer service training for organization fortifying it staff with all required skills to provide the best customer service to its client. Our course content typically includes greeting the customer (either by phone or in person), questioning to understand the customer’s need or problem, listening,confirming understanding, responding with value, using positive language,eliminating jargon, concluding the phone or face-to-face interaction, dealing with angry customers, and the importance of body language and tone of voice. Train your staff today! Contact us.

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