Strategies to Grow A Nigerian Restaurant

The restaurant market in Lagos is getting fast-paced; more players are coming on board. And only the strategic restaurant owners can pull through. We know it is quite tasking, but there are a few approaches to double your restaurant sales. The food theatre approach is one. You Want to know more? Read on!

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The food or culinary theatre is the creation of a memorable performance during the service of food and beverages. The aim is to excite or entertain the customer by making them feel special.

Have you ever visited a restaurant where you had to copy another guest's order because of how it was presented or the paparazzi on the table? That's food theatre.

At a culinary theatre, guests are given a treat with effortlessly prepared mouth-watering meals. It is a highly-organized event, where there seems to be room for everyone. We all love attention, don't we?

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The relationship between food and theatre is one that interests guests, and not only because it combines two interesting things. It seems to be a growing genre, as more and more artists explore the visceral connections between food, taste, smell, memory and storytelling, and provoking powerful reactions from their audiences in the process.

Taste and smell are intrinsic to memory, storytelling and culture, so it's inevitable that more restaurants are exploring this relationship, as food theatre has come to stay.

A Food Theatre Plan For You

You can plan a simple food theatre by simply mixing cocktails for your guests at the table. What about placing a mini grill where you can have a smoking hot barbecue on each table? Fantastic!

Think of something unique that you have not done before, guests love fresh ideas.

Also, your Restaurant's culinary team can take guests on culinary theatre evenings. The evening can consist of a sumptuous four-course set menu with a short introduction, and demonstration from your chef lecturers before each course is served. On screens around the restaurant, there can be a live link up to the kitchen, where your chef lecturers will describe and demonstrate how to make aspects of the dish. A wine flight featuring wines chosen to accentuate the flavours of each dish can also be featured.

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There was once a performance piece where the artist Grace Surman manages to eat an apple through her tights. That's a spectacle that's got to be worth the admission fee, surely? Create yours too!

Why not write out ideas for your next culinary theatre. You can also contact for a one-hour free consultation.

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