Effective Tips for a successful Cold Calling


Sales Experts tips for Successful cold calling, is all about knowing the right tools to be used when trying to call a potential client.

October 9, 2018

Cold Calling can without a doubt give even the most seasoned sales expert a bit of a cold. Particularly in our country, where we are not used to getting cold calls. In most cases, more often than not, we always have to depend on cold calling to get the deal/assignment or a cherished meeting. How can we excel in this art of Cold Calling? Yes, I call it an art because it technically is and deserves to be given the coveted status.

Making cold call can be terrifying, especially when you are starting out for the first time and as such one needs to develop the skill by the day.

At Curzon and Jones, we pride ourselves with this “art of cold calling” as we have developed our techniques over the years. The following are some of the techniques deployed by Curzon and Jones that can help you in becoming more confident before you pick up that phone to dial a potential client.

Step 1: We encourage employers to always get their employees to be familiar with the company's distinctive selling point. What benefits of what you have to offer? Know these benefits intimately and out. Why should a prospective client choose you? What will be the outcome of a company that does choose you? Will they increase effectiveness, productivity, or revenue by using your services or products?

Step 2: It is important to recognize the right prospects before your call. Don't just select random phone numbers, make sure what you have to offer is of interest to the prospects that you are calling. Do they fall into your target market? Know their fears, frustrations, values and decision criteria.

Step 3: Essentially before making the call, warm up to the prospect that you are intending to pitch your services. Research as much as you can about the company. Before calling become familiar with their weak points. Be ready to present to how your services can ease their struggles. This approach will let them know that you are interested in adding value and assisting them, not just making a sale.

Step 4: Approach every call with the diverse questions in mind "How can I create value?" Also, ensure that you listen to the prospect. Give a brief introduction of your company and the benefits that you offer, ask questions, afterward just listen. Do not interrupt; listen intently and ask significant follow-up questions to clarify or acknowledge what they are saying.

Step 5: Develop a script, but don't read word for word from it. If you are nervous and want to make sure that you don't forget the benefits that you offer and the questions that you want to ask, take a few moments and create a script that will serve as a guide to you.

Step 6: It is necessary to understand that a ‘no’ doesn’t always imply a rejection. It’s sometimes a reflex reaction of people as soon as they come to know that you’re trying to sell a product or service and most importantly that you’re a salesperson. Regardless of the quality of your product, people would most likely say ‘no’, since they are used to saying it.

Step 7: It is crucial to remember is that ‘Gatekeepers’ are human as you and I. In other words, they can be evaded with some psychological tactics that work almost immediately. A good tactic to use in order to get past the ‘gatekeepers’ is to act as uncertain of whom you’re seeking and afterward request them to put you online to someone from the department where your prospect belongs to.

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