The room door is one of the first and the last things that guests engage with when guests check into your hotel and when they check out. The door locks can be a major source of anxiety for hotel owners, due to security, guest experience, and reliability. Here are the various types and prices in Nigeria.

Types of Hotel Key Card Locks

Magnetic strip key card systems: These are widely used in the hotel industry they are a cost-effective option for large hotels. The card looks like a credit card with a thin magnetic layer or a strip that contains basic information about the hotel guest. This card is swiped through a scanner like a credit card, and it opens a corresponding door because of the electronic signature on the card. Personnel at the hotel desk will imprint the user information at check-in and usually set a time limit for its use until checkout. The key card door lock is triggered once the magnetic strip is read and verified by the hotel door card reader. 

RFID key card systems:  These systems have proven to be both a safe and cost-effective way of improving hotel security as they are directly linked to a computer system that staff can easily monitor and deactivate when stolen. RFID cards have a radio sensor chip embedded inside the card, they don’t require the swiping motion. When brought into close proximity of a correspondingly programmed reader, the door unlocks. Due to its technology, it is considered the most difficult to forge which would make your guests feel more comfortable using your services.

Smart cards: They use microchips to store data and can electronically grant you access to a room or some areas in the hotel, they can keep consistent data on people in your hotel and grant certain access permission to people thereby increasing your hotel security and making your guest feel more relaxed. Although they are more expensive, they are the preferred solution for hotels seeking to modernize their processes.

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