The distance between you and your dream job may be just restructuring and changing the format of your CV. Why not learn to do that here!

You must have read a lot of articles and tips for creating a killer CV.  But "this is Nigeria", and everything is different here. So let's leave the foreign mechanisms for foreigners.

Avoid The Big Crime

Jobs in Nigeria 2018

To start with, stop putting four to five names on your CV, it's a big crime. Let me repeat that: 'EMPLOYERS DO NOT WANT TO SEE CHIOMA ADEBISI GARUBA YAHYAH. Your first name and your last name are just perfect.   Also, it's not yet time for your family history.


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What's Your Email Address

Is your email address or maybe it's even Drop it!!! It won't get you that job. Corporate jobs need corporate emails. That only shows that you are a serious-minded person that needs to be in the corporate world. A corporate email address should consist of your first name and surname.

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Gmails are also preferable because of the platform's functionality, so if you are still using a yahoo mail CHANGE.  

Package Yourself in a Business Card

Get a Job in Nigeria

If you are not working at the moment, you know how embarrassing it is to go out for a corporate event with your working-class friends, who have business cards, it's so demeaning!!!  If you don't have a job, package your skill sets in a lovely business card and give it out to prospective employers. That builds the right impression of you, and you may just be moving on to get your dream job.

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Let's leave all the grammar. Are you a job seeker looking for strategies to get the perfect job? Or are you a fresh graduate with detailed skill sets, but without knowledge of how to place it? Perfect! It's you we have been looking for. Come and GRAB A JOB at the 2018 Job summit fair. Contact sholaye@tempastaff or call 08168070866 for more information. We are waiting to assist you!


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