Are Your Employees Stealing? Try These Measures!

Do you own a restaurant? Possibly one of the major problems you are facing is theft from your employees. When you think you have blocked all the channels, they just come up with newer and smarter ways to outsmart you.

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Employee theft in restaurants includes giving away free food and drinks to customers without authorization, stealing money, and stealing food or alcohol for themselves. Your employees know they know that their chances of getting caught are slim, so they steal. Who is losing? You. Who will pay them? You. If the business crumbles who will it affect most? You, of course! But you can stop theft in your restaurant by having all these monitoring systems in place.

Partner With Reliable Suppliers

A major channel of distrust for restaurant owners in Nigeria is the shortage of supplies. I am sure you must have experienced this at a time or another. Possibly, you have sent one of your staff to the local market to get something, but he got inflated the price. This is so annoying, right? Why not do it the other way around?  Bring the market to you. Partner will reliable vendors who know what your restaurant needs on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Vendors will be faithful in supplying your restaurant needs because they want more deals.

Track That Free Food Give Away

Track it all! Sales, usage, and wasted, all should be tracked to maximise your profit. Develop an auditing system that tracks everything that goes out.

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You can track food and drink orders through a POS system,  cutting down on the amount of “freebies” that staff might give out without your knowledge. It is advisable to set up a system where at the end of each shift, inventory is taken and waste should always be written down. If the kitchen staff knows they are accountable for the food inventory, they will be careful to keep track of it.

Install Security Cameras in Your Restaurant

Not just in restaurants, CCTV cameras have proven to be an effective means for employers to track their employees especially when theft is involved. Installing cameras without prior notice of employees may be the quickest and easiest solution.

Security cameras are a clear way of letting staff know that they are being monitored, even if you are not there. Install the cameras in strategic places like the kitchen and the sales deck.

Employ a Strict Supervisor/ Restaurant Police

This is Lagos, where employees are looking for more and more money. Ever thought of the job vacancy "Restaurant Police"? That should be part of your plan. You can use a subtle job title "Restaurant Supervisor". During the shortlisting process, make sure the person is trustworthy and is strict enough to curb staff excesses. 

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Limit access to cash drawers and the safe

The fewer hands that touch the cash, the less chance of it being stolen. Only two people should have access to the cash drawer, register or safe. In some instances, you should be the only one. No one wants to think about employees stealing from them. After all, as the restaurant owner, you hired these people and put your trust in them.

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Taking the proactive steps listed above can help deter any potential theft by employees. And it will help you have peace of mind about your business.

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