Guest houses or are not to be confused with boutique hotels in any way. Unlike hotels that are more large scale and chain-owned, Guesthouses are more privately-owned residential properties. You will also find that guest houses are more likely managed by a family. All of these tendencies are responsible for the home-like feeling that comes with, unlike what you get from a hotel.

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Tips on Managing a Guesthouse

Be Homely

As stated earlier, Guest houses come with a feeling like home, and your guests expect that once they arrive. Thus, it’s important you give a warm welcome, with a smile on your face.  Don’t disregard the simple basics. Little things like having extra bedspread, having paper, pens or magazines in the Guest’s room go a long way. 

Good Housekeeping

That it is not a hotel doesn’t mean it requires less attention to managing its surroundings. No one would like to place his/her head on dirty pillows. Cleanliness is key for any hospitality business. It should be a priority and carried out optimally. Guests feel more comfortable and have a higher tendency of returning when welcomed into a clean space.


Do not regard your guest house business as too small to be placed out there. Put your property up on the internet. Make use of social media platforms to reach out to a large number of people. You can also consider having a website and optimizing it for better visibility.  

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Keep records

This will help you when carrying out analysis, and in turn, shapes your decisions. By keeping records, you get to realize what money is going out and coming in, and what they are being used for. Better record-keeping also helps you to determine the right actions to take concerning specific areas. 

Hire Jones Hospitality for Effective Management

Managing a guesthouse in Nigeria can be hectic. However, there are hospitality management companies that can help you realize the Guesthouse of your dreams. Reach out to the Jones Team to enjoy better management of your Guesthouses and hotels

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