Top 5 Upselling Skills for Nigerian Restaurants

Upselling? Yes, upselling. Most restaurants in Nigeria are probably not making as much profit as they should because of poor upselling skills.  Let’s turn the tide.

To start with, upselling simply means persuading a client who is already interested in a product to buy more, meaning more profit for you. Sounds interesting, right? As easy as it seems, upselling is more than sales; it requires perception, knowledge and discretion. The term can fit in more into the customer service department since the client is already interested in the brand. Thus, a technical approach is king.

For Example: 

Client: Hi! Can I have two plates of jollof rice with beef?

Server: Sure! But we have 50% discount on our lunch special. It comes with two plates of jollof rice, special cocktail and chicken.

Client: Nice, but my budget is 3000 NGN.

Server: We can still serve you, our lunch special is just 5000 NGN, and it is more suitable for you and your guest.

Client: Fine, I’ll go with with your special lunch package.

A good server persuades clients to buy more

The server did not take the food order and walk away. Instead, he offered a more expensive package. If he hadn’t the customer would have bought a plate of jollof rice. That's what upselling is about.

Proven Tricks to Upsell For Restaurant?

Curzon and Jones is a restaurant consultancy company, thus, we have tried these strategies, and brought restaurants out of deficit. The 5 techniques listed below help you upsell with a strategic approach.

Demonstrate Enthusiasm

Teach everyone in your restaurant what enthusiasm means, and why it is very crucial to your business. Let clients know that you are happy to serve them. Subtle, appropriate upselling at an opportune moment comes across as genuine attentiveness to a guest’s needs. As a result, guests will respond positively to your recommendations and feel keen to enhance their meal.  


Offers are great and subtle ways to upsell in Nigeria. It is appealing to be informed that you will get a free meat pie if you purchase food items worth 5000 NGN. Trust me, a lot of people will do it. Even if their budget is 4500 NGN. Just because clients love gifts, make them buy more by rewarding their loyalty.

Give Out Free Samples

Taste matters when it comes to restaurants. If great tasting meals are your trademark (they should be anyway) showcase them by giving out free samples.  If you run a juice bar, place a tray of acai bowl samples at the register. Manage a gastro-pub? Encourage barhoppers to come in for tapas by placing a member of your waitstaff outside of the entrance with tasty bites of your best-seller. Who knows, a sample can bring a client back, again and again, and again.

Train Your Staff

How well do your staff care about your guests’ well being? Train your waitstaff to pay close attention to customer cues. For example, if a table of customers seem to be enjoying leisurely chatter and aren’t in a rush to leave, suggest coffee and a dessert special. Who doesn’t love a slice of pie and a cup of coffee while catching up with old friends? It’s an easy opportunity to promote your dessert menu without being pushy about it. All staff should also imbibe a polite culture of responding to clients.

Master The Art

Upselling is an art, it should be mastered.It’s crucial that staff know the audience they’re catering for. They’ll inevitably need to change their approach depending on who they serve. Experienced employees might be able to pass on their knowledge to newcomers, as they’ll have extensive experience reading guests.

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