Innovation remains a constant venture within the hospitality industry, and upgrading your hotel operation into the Cloud will allow hotel owners to manage their hotels remotely, thus having the freedom to do other things.

What is the Importance of Hotel Management Software?

Improved Customer Experience

Customer experience is improved when your hotel is managed with good management software. One of the areas in which this appears prominent is in the versatile check-in and check-out systems that come with them. Some excellent software like Horeca Cloud also goes as far as offering point-of-sale options that tend to make payment more seamless for your guests.

Reduced time spent on Administrative Tasks

With most activities being done automatically, it is only logical that hotel management software reduces the time spent on administrative duties. They practically take care of the work for you, making it easier for you to focus on other important areas. This, of course, makes work more seamless and increases productivity.

Better Competitive Advantage

Another advantage of hotel management software is an increased competitive advantage. This type of software actually provides real-time industry insights that help you stay in the loop of what your competitors might be doing in such areas as room rates, discounts, etc. Additionally, a good management system will help increase your reach in the industry by incorporating a channel manager. This channel manager assists in getting your business publicized over numerous channels.

Get Started with Horeca Cloud

Don’t Make Wild Guesses; let your decision making be influenced by genuine data with Horeca Cloud embedded into every aspect of your business. You make intelligent decisions as the software collates data, analyses it and present it to you in an very-easy-to-understand form.

You also get to take your business with you. With just about any internet connected device, Horeca Cloud keeps you as close to your business as possible.

With HORECA Cloud you can check arrival room and occupied room, create maintenance tasks, monitor staff progress and performance , log and view in expenses , check your slow moving stock, manage inventory amongst many other awesome features

Horeca cloud offers intelligent suggestion based on sales & revenue trend. For example, Horeca Cloud detects when sales are low and offers effective solutions.

Additionally, it helps in keeping track of payroll, surcharges and other employee deductions thanks to its intelligent staff performance analysis.
You also get to enjoy sending welcome email automatically to guest with just a click of a button.

What more can you achieve with Horeca Cloud?

  1. Log in to your CCTV and see what your staff is doing
  2. Get live feed of hotel information Via Whatsapp
  3. Send marketing email and SMS
  4. Reduce theft
  5. Create tasks for the manager to do
  6. Check the expired and slow-moving stock in your hotel

Final Thought

Basically, Horeca Cloud Makes running a Hotel super easy and efficiently at that. It is an all-in-one cloud-based hotel management software, which means it performs functions of all types of hotel management software. It performs all functions mentioned and more, which makes it quite unique compared to other hotel management software. Visit the Horeca Cloud Website or contact the team for further enquiries.