Most restaurants are making less than 50% of what they should be making, and there may a need for restructuring

Many restaurants in Nigeria do not enjoy their full profit potential, from our encounter with clients on restaurant restructuring, we discovered that most restaurants are making less than 50% of what they should be making. Here's why! In the hospitality industry generally, staffing has a high turnover meaning that staff leaves at all time without notice, due to that, a lot of restaurant owners shy away from making that investment in training as they do not want to invest, and then, the staff leaves.

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How do you solve that problem? Let's face it 70% of us are on Jumia food, and we give them between 15- 25%, hence, your front of the house is important. Who is picking up your call and how equipped are they to advise your clients on the meal offerings available, and most importantly can they tele sell? Upsell? And represent your brand effectively?  You've tried to work on this, but sales just keep going down. You are fed up with that cycle.

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At Curzon and Jones we offer a "Train the Trainer" for outlet owners; meaning we train you & your managers on the most effective telesales tools. The effect of this is that you will be equipped to train and retrain any of your staff. We develop you to be your own in-house HR officer. All our training comes with handouts that you can use at any time.

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