A Guide to Having the Most Memorable 7 Days of Your Life in Africa

Last week, we wrote on Africa in 48 hours, and we got awesome feedback. However, some readers questioned why Mauritius is not on the list. Sure, Mauritius is arguably the best travel destinations in Africa. And for sheer awe-inspiring travel, few countries can match Mauritius. The country is a tropical Island 2000 miles off the southeast coast of Africa with beautiful beaches, mountains, luxurious resort, great food, top-notch botanical gardens and great hotels. But who will want to visit such a country in just 48 hours? We at Curzon and Jones certainly wouldn't.

Let's quickly give a short background on what makes Mauritius stand out. Mountains, sunshine and breathtaking scenery characterise this Island. Also, food in Mauritius is food indeed. The cuisine here is a blend of Creole, Chinese, European and Indian. You can have the combination of cuisines in just a meal. Any foodie in the house? wink - wink.

During our seven days trip, we will engage in land sports, golf, deep sea fishing, mountain trekking, water sports, and of course shopping. Yes, shopping.  Let's show you what our 7 days trip in Mauritius will be like.

First Day in Mauritius

7 Days in Mauritius

Ease the stress of travelling! We just arrived at our dream destination, and we would love to relax at the beach. That’s a good idea. Isn't it? We will choose the gorgeous Indian ocean for a fun-filled experience. Fresh-caught seafood will be our meal of the day. We can assure you that this will be splendid.

Second Day in Mauritius

7 days in Mauritius

This is the time to visit golf clubs! Most golf clubs here have great restaurants for lunch. We love simply love good food. If you don't want to visit the golf, you can go deep sea fishing, mountain trekking, mountain biking or just take a cruise on the island. You will still need a delicious plate of lunch. Never mind, you can get it packed for you while you have fun.

Third Day in Mauritius

Have a view of Mauritius! We would visit UNESCO World Heritage Site at beautiful Le Morne mountain for some memorable selfies, or just to have long-lasting memories of Mauritius. After which, we will head over to Chamarel hills for lunch at any of the restaurants. Then, we would go to the Black River Gorges National Park and watch the slowly set at Le Chamarel.

Fourth Day in Mauritius

Still on sightseeing! This time we would go to the north. Mauritius has one of the best botanical gardens in the world. It is called Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens. Located at Pamplemousses, this is one of the best country's best tourists’ spots.

Later in the day, we will explore the wild north including Grand Gaube, where the British first landed on Mauritius, before returning to Grand Baie for dinner and to enjoy the nightlife.

Fifth Day in Mauritius

It's Saturday and it's Port Louis day! We would spend the morning touring the old colonial centre of town, and then,  grab lunch at Champ de Mars, the oldest horse racing track in the southern hemisphere.In the evening, the huge Caudan Waterfront shopping centre (home to the Blue Penny Museum) offers a chance to pick up souvenirs, enjoy street entertainers and visit some spots for an unforgettable night out.

Sixth Day in Mauritius

We will shop till we drop! That's our dream, but we have to be loaded with cash.  Our shopping destination will be, the Central Plateau area around Phoenix and Curepipe. Here,  there are several large malls, arts and crafts markets. The glass market simply unique with glass blowers performing something that look like magic. Afterwards, we would have lunch in one of malls and enjoy the city's romance by visiting a restaurant for dinner.  

Seventh Day in Mauritius

7 days in Mauritius

Just one last destination! The Casela Wildlife Park will be our last attraction in Africa's paradise. Can we extend the visit by one more week? Maybe.  

PS: This article is curated from the firsthand of people who visited Mauritius. We have highlighted what we would love to do in the city.  Tell us yours in the comments section.

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