The layout of an office space holds several vital implications for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria.

The layout of an office space holds several vital implications for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria, these include cost, communication, privacy and social culture. Although over 70% of U.S. office spaces are open-concept, it is important to acknowledge which layout is more conducive for SMEs success – open office plans or closed office spaces?

Here are the pros and cons of open spaces and closed office spaces in Nigeria:

 Let’s Start With Defining The Terms

The Open Office Space

An open office is an open-plan work environment where there are no enclosed office rooms or walled cubicles for employees. Open offices first came around the 1950's when employers needed to find a way to cut business costs through reduced construction fees.

The Closed Office Space

A closed office is a type of working area where employees have their own individual working areas distinctly divided either by using pucca walls, cubicles, or panels. Closed office spaces trend back in the 1980s is now in decline.

 At Premier Office, we closed offices and shared spaces for rent in Nigeria.

Closed Office spaces in Nigeria; The Pros  

Fewer distractions

A study of an Oil & Gas company in 1997 showed that open office employees experienced more uncontrolled interactions, higher levels of stress, and lower levels of concentration and motivation. Close office spaces prevent distractions and provide an increased sense of security; the fear of being watched while working is eroded by employees. Studies have also shown that it can take as long as 23 minutes for employees to get back on task and return to a fully engaged state, closed office layouts seem like a smart option, in order to boost levels of concentration.

Healthier for employees

The closed office space helps keep germs from spreading between employees and also improves employees’ emotional well-being, as they are less exposed to work-related stress. Employees working in closed office spaces do not need to appear in constant productivity. These employees also experience less neurological problems, like vertigo, brought on by the busy open space environment.

Open spaces in Nigeria; The Pros

Open spaces Promote Teamwork and Happiness

A 2013 study found that employees working out of cubicles had “the highest rates of unhappiness with their work set-up.”  Open office spaces tend to be more disposed to spontaneous brainstorming sessions and informal group conversation. This is, in part, what contributed to the rise of the success of Premier Office, a serviced office with shared spaces and private offices in Victoria Island. Workers in open spaced offices can also establish relationships with their colleagues and create an atmosphere of greater teamwork, fulfilment and happiness.

 The improved communication that results from a lack of physical barriers enables employees to collaborate freely – bounce ideas off of each other and ask for assistance, as needs arise.  

 Open Office Spaces are Pocket Friendly for SMEs in Nigeria

For SMEs, open office spaces are more cost-effective. No materials are needed to build walls or separate areas into cubicles. No individual desks need to be purchased, and space can easily be reconfigured as required. This is what Premier Office offers to the client. An open floor plan can also enable more employees to work in a single space, enabling a better value for the cost of the company’s office rental. SME owners can invest more money into business operations and rewarding employee achievements instead of into office construction and maintenance.

Open Office Spaces Alleviate Pain

People who sit for more than eight or nine hours a day are at heightened risk for diabetes, depression and, back pain. Open floor plans tend to encourage employees to spend more time standing up and moving around. Five minutes of motion every hour during the workday can lift employees’ moods, fight exhaustion without reducing attention, and even mitigate the effects of hunger pangs.

The Premier Office Solution

Open and closed workspaces have their shortcomings.  With Nigeria’s economy today, SMEs need structured office spaces to balance company and employee desires, while also taking into account the unique industry and business needs.  Premier Office was built to create a better environment for meaningful work.  Blending the benefits of both sides, they have developed concepts to create a better working environment for SMEs in Nigeria. Premier Office spaces feature a reception downstairs and two hallways that spoke out to different individual offices. One downstairs; the other upstairs.

Partners from different companies can choose to collaborate or to ensconce themselves in their offices. Premier Office spaces large, middle-sized and small offices with free access to a conference room that is conducive for meetings.  

 At Premier Office, there are five unique features that partners can look forward to:

 The Premier Office Reception

The first room in Premier Office is called the reception. This room is the place where visitors are entertained, food orders are received, and partners get to print an unlimited number of documents. Its purpose is  to reduce distraction caused by printing, or the presence of a guest in shared office spaces.”

The Conference Room

Premier Office has a standard conference room with a whiteboard and a large desk. The conference room is designed for training and group meetings. It is also available on hourly, daily and weekly rent for non-partners. This room comes with major features that minimise distractions in both closed and shared office spaces available in the building.

 The Office Spaces

The office spaces contain eight rooms; some with cubicles and desks; others mini offices. Premier office has a collection of work chambers in private offices. Thus, unlike the traditional shared open spaces, each department, company or SME in Premier Office is in a closed place with cubicles for each staff. Each room can accommodate four staff.  The purpose of the private office work chamber is to allow for total focus and uninterrupted workflow.

The Premier Office Modern Kitchen

Beyond the corporate rooms, the kitchen is the most important room for staff welfare. This room has a refrigerator, microwave oven, water dispenser, coffee cups, and spaces where staff can keep cups.  The most beautiful thing is, partners, get free food.

Next Steps

Are your employees uncomfortable with the structure of your present office? Is a poor office environment affecting your productivity? Do you think you need a better office where clients can visit you? Do fall sick often due to the structure of your office? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, contact to get your premium office space. Premier Office a leading provider of Serviced Office Spaces in Nigeria. This modern office space is located in the heart of Lagos, Victoria Island. All you need to do is bring in your laptop and enjoy the comfort of any the office spaces.