From inception, a hotel must be strategic, structured, organised and founded on key values and best standard practices.

The hospitality industry is never static rather a dynamic, ever-evolving environment. In order to excel and compete, new hotels must start on a right footing. From inception, a hotel must be strategic, structured, organized and founded on key values and best standard practices. Out of all the critical phases of hotel development, the most germane phase is pre-opening. This phase can either make or mar a hotel, according to a research by Pricewater house Cooper (pwc) more than 60% of hotel failures arise from this phase. These failures are due to several factors ranging from missed deadlines, deficiencies in resources and equipment, funds, change in scope, fraud etc. Hence, hotel pre-opening is not a tea partyand should be carried out well and entrusted in proper hands.

Are you opening a hotel soon? Adopt the correct prioritization approach in your hotel pre-opening roadmap.

A Hotel Plan

Budgeting, Planning and Revenue Management

Budgetingand revenue management strategies are very important in opening a hotel. Thoughit is detailed and time-consuming, but one has to consider it to ensuresuccess. The pre-launch process ensures that budgets are drawn out;stakeholders are fully trained and can rightfully implement appropriate revenuemanagement strategies through all the ancillary revenue streams. Key tools needto be in place to focus on a comprehensive 365-day demand calendar to track themarket segment.

Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategy and Sales

 In order to attract clients, hotels prior topre-opening must start pitching. Accordingly, you have to schedule guest visitswell ahead of the opening. Goodies like free coupons for coffee, specialpackages, and lunch discounts should be rolled out so that the guests can comeover and know your hotel better. Sometimes, new hotels have a plus point thatexisting hotels fail to compete with! So introduce your potential clientsproperly to your services.

Hotel View

Hotel Management Systems

Technologyis a part and parcel of daily hotel operations, and you will soon release thesame! Systems such as PMSs, Web Booking Engines, CRSs, GDSs, Channel Managers,Rate Shoppers and CRMs are quintessential. You have to select the rightprovider, purchase these tools, and install the same at least 6 to 7 monthsprior to the opening of your hotel.

Training Class


A hotel mustproperly document and train its staff before opening. The quality of serviceprovided by such hotel will be dependent on the quality of staff which dependson the level of training and exposure afforded the staff. During thepre-opening phase, a hotel must train its staff in their various departments,on the use of equipment, on standards and values, on customer service as wellas on staff interaction. A poor trained staff could be all it takes to ruinrelationships with client.

A Hotel should blow its own trumpet

Good Public Relation

A hotelduring its pre-opening phase must create awareness of its opening. It mustinform the public of its offers, services, packages and it must endear thepublic to its brand. Before opening a hotel must create the feeling of anxietyin the minds of potential clients so that they look forward to patronizing thehotel. These public relations could be engineered through digital marketing andthe use of social media, through exciting offers and packages, throughdiscounts and bonuses, bill boards and advertisement.  

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