The perks of hospitality jobs are juicy. Here are the advantages of working in the hospitality industry in Nigeria.

Welcome to Nigeria's hospitality industry where you can easily get catapulted to the top.  According to the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) 2017 Global Impact Report, one in tens of the jobs worldwide fall under the travel and tourism umbrella. Only last year, the travel and tourism industry as a whole outperformed the global economy-for the sixth year in a row. 

Over the next decade, travel and tourism is set to successfully continue its rapid expansion, overtaking global economic sectors including communications, manufacturing, retail and distribution, as well as financial and business services, and provide 23 percent of all jobs worldwide. It's a promise of immense growth and professional opportunities for aspirants keen to pursue a career in the hospitality industry.

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Going with the above,  it is obvious that a career in the hospitality industry will bring a great deal of profit, freedom and mobility.  The perks of the job are juicier than other careers.  To start with, let's examine the advantages of working in the hospitality industry in Nigeria.

Meet and Greet

working in the hospitality industry in Nigeria

It had been established that relationships are the major driving factors in building a successful life,  business empire, or financial stability. Working in the hospitality industry helps you meet key players major industries for FREE.  Did you hear me say free?  Yes free. You may be attending to celebrities, politicians and world leaders with ease.  

Creativity Unlimited

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To thrive in the hospitality sector in Nigeria, you will have to think very fast, and constantly come up with ideas that sell. The hospitality industry is fast-paced, and creative thinkers are champions here.

Tips here and there

hospitality in Nigeria

You can make your monthly payment in a week if you work in an organisation that permit tips.  Tips are the icings on the cherry top for staff in the hospitality industry. "Big clients" love to reward staff for a beautiful experience, or excellent service.

Room for Growth

As stated in the introduction, the hospitality industry is one of the most stable business ventures in the 21st century. Despite the economic downturn in most countries, the hospitality industry remained stable.  Over the next decade, the industry is set to be the largest global employers. Isn’t this great news?

Now, let's look at the cons of working in the hospitality industry in Nigeria:

It's a Shift Job

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If you are a “9-5er”, you may not like the idea of day and night shifts. This may make you find the industry as a burden. Thus, you may not enjoy what you do. Hotel jobs are majorly characterised by early starts and late finishes.  Most times,  the business operates around the clock.

You Watch Others Chill Out While You Work

hotels in Nigeria

The hospitality industry is all about customer's satisfaction. You have to do everything possible to make sure your clients are happy. You can't chill out now,  No. you have to work.

Meeting Tight Deadlines

Tight deadlines can be tiring.  At times,  you work all night, and you still fail to meet the target.  If you do not know how to deal with pressure well,  the high standards and the expectations may overwhelm you. 

Top Reasons to work in the Hospitality Industry in Nigeria

Apart from the disadvantages,  there a lot of reasons why you should work in the hospitality industry, let's see five of them below:

Opportunities to visit best destinations in Nigeria

You are in the hospitality industry, and it's both a national and international business, if you are very good at your job, you can be transferred to national or international locations..

Learn Multiple Skills

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There are numerous departments in the hospitality industry and each can be a business venture on its own. Even if you want to hoop to another industry, you can be a perfect fit, as employers are always intrigued by smart and skilful employees, and that is what the hospitality industry will equip you for.

Be Part of People's Joyous Moments

Weddings, marriage proposals, birthday, bridal showers and a host of events are held in hotels.  By serving during these events,  you will get to be part of the joy.  If you work in a lively environment continuously, you will become lively I'm a short time.  

You too can have fun

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hospitality in Nigera

You can catch the fun vibes in the atmosphere and soak yourself in the long-lasting fun activities that hotels in Nigeria have to offer.  Like the condiments needed for a good meal,  hotels are indispensable ingredients in every society, and being a part of the industry means having fun at no cost.