A hotel should be paradise away from home, it should be a serene destination that will give guests beautiful memories to linger on for years

A hotel should be paradise away from home, it should be a serene, beautiful, enticing destination that will give guests satisfaction, and beautiful memories to linger on for years. In order to have this paradise experience, a hotel needs an efficient management system to ensure that it meets the expectation as well as the desires of its guest. When hotel management is poor, it will be a scary den avoided by guests.

This is where C&J steps in!

We are a team of skilled and experienced personnel capable of managing hotels to stardom.

Our hotel management services are in three categories:

Pre-Opening Management Services (PMS)

First Impression matters a lot, and it’s best to have a good start off. That is why we offer hotels Pre-opening Management Services. This service is suitable for hotels that are at the final stages of building, and are a few months away from opening doors to guests. At this stage, we offer evaluations as to the best standard operating practices to run the hotel, beautification and decorations of the hotel, recruitment and training of staff, room amenities, assets management, marketing brochures, organise opening ceremonies and handle hotel’s public relations. Our aim with this service is to ensure the hotel sails swiftly and smoothly.

Intermediate Management Services (IMS) (0-3years Hotel)

Our Intermediate Management Services offers solutions to relatively new hotels which are performing poorly in certain areas or in rendering satisfactory services to its guest. The IMS entails evaluation, auditing, restructuring, reorienting as well as reorganising the hotel's layout, staff and recommending feasible solutions. It will further feature a partial hotel management where we come on board between 1- 6 weeks to diagnose the problem, fix it and instal processes. The hotel will provide all the necessary information, equipment and bear the cost of any out of state expenses for its reinstatement to full functionality.

Takeover Management Services (TMS)

This is a complete management takeover where we come in and take over the day to day management of the hotel and implement. Our best standard practices to revive the hotel and ensure that runs smoothly. We will be answerable to the hotel owner or board of owners and give a monthly report to show our progress and productivity rate.

Please kindly review our types of services, find out which suits you and place a call to us, we are waiting to help you!