Tired of working from Home? Get an Affordable Office Space in Victoria Island

Three months after the start of your SME Journey you realized that working from home is not what it is ought to be.

Firstly you are spending more money on food, secondly you are running bills as the generator is always on, thirdly for some reason you are always sleepy and finally your clients are requesting for in meeting in your office.

Not to worry help is on the way we have collated the different types of working options for SMEs

  1. Mr Biggs : Oldie but still effective for N200 you can enjoy good ole Mr Biggs meatpie and sit in the restaurant for Hours without running any bills at home .
  2. Your Parents BQ: Convert your parents BQ to your office equipped with your own inverter and depending on the space you could carve out a reception area as well as your very own private office.  Perfect for early startup and extremely low cost
  3. Virtual Office :   Virtual Office Services are increasing in popularity  and allow you to have a business address, a receptionist and letter opening services
  4. Tech Incubator: With the rise of all things techie different accelerator labs and tech center offer millennial’s 1 day free works space access. All you have to do is sign up for their newsletter and voila you are on your way to securing up to 1 weekday pass.
  5. Rent A Desk:  Many business have work desk available which go unused for months. Co- Working office offers entrepreneurs  various works space option while on the island Premier Office Nigeria offers flexible work desk options from day passes to virtual offices
  6. Private office: So you have raised some money and ready to the next step , private offers usually comes serviced with facilities like intercon, call forwarding options  , access to meeting room and  complimentary coffee with zero distractions
  7. Shared Office: Share a desk and make new friends. Shared office is perfect for artist thinkers and SME who are happy to work in a not to quiet environment. All you need is your laptop, your headphone to block out the noise and voila you are good to go
  8. A La Coffee: Did someone say Starbucks Many coffee shops and cafes encourage SME to work from their tables in exchange for the purchase of a coffee or two for use of their WIFI connection. Krispy Kreme offers a wifi access and complimentary doughnut for every purchase of coffee from 7.00am – 10.00am.

Do you need hook up for a private / shared office in Victoria Island check out Premier Office Nigeria as they have a combo deals now for SME. enjoy and Sip. Nibble and Work!!!