Hotel management is a challenging, all-encompassing profession that requires charisma, skill, drive and a cool head under pressure.

Hotels are profitable enterprises characterized with a needfor detailed and intricate approach and management. Examining today's hotelindustry, only a handful of hotels successfully run a profitable businessenterprise, as they usually struggle between providing quality services tocompliance with company standards to staff and facility management. This is dueto the lack of professional and effective hands on deck to provide structuringand solutions to the issues with hotel management. Hotel management is achallenging, all-encompassing profession that requires charisma, skill, drive,and a cool head under pressure that is why Curzon and Jones, Nigeria’s premier hospitality agency, a drivenforce to reckon with and a hospitality consulting company with a niche focus inbusiness solutions in the HORECA Industry is here to help.

Our Services:

Hotel Management Services

Hotel Audit

Hotels needregular, comprehensive and effective auditing to check compliance with companystandards, evaluate any weaknesses or risks to the business and to provide acheck against fraud and theft. Even the most successful hotels need audits tokeep them in check, ensure the company goals are met and long term successplan. Outsourcing your internal hotel auditing requirements to a hotel auditcontractor allows for your business, no matter how large or small, to haveaccess to very experienced industry professionals at a cost to suit yourbudget. Our hotel audit services will cover financial auditing, staffing,inventory, standard of practice and operation, evaluation and recommendation. Allhotel audits will involve discussions with the client to agree the detailbefore any actual audit visit. Each hotel audit will be conducted on site. Thework will consist of discussions with management, together with detailed testingof a sample of processes and transactions. Hotel audits offer both risk andcompliance checks. A report will be issued at the end of the audit, and wewill detail any findings together with recommended actions that will ensuresales and ultimate success.

Hotel Professional

Get A Hotel Management Pro

Welcome a Pro to fix the defect. A hotel may dwindle due tothe inefficiency of a particular department; it could be managerial,accounting, front desk, housekeeping etc. This inefficiency will requireimmediate attention in order not the ruin the business and this where we canhelp you. Our professionals are versatile and experienced in the hospitalityindustry, they have requisite skills to detect a defect in any department andproffer workable solutions to such problem. We have experts in hotel managerialservices, professional hotel accountants and auditors, competent operationaland duty managers, effective and reliable housekeeping managers and qualified executivechefs at your service. This service offers renting any of the professionals fora period 1 month to 3 months to fix the defect and restore the hotel to fulloperation.

Beautiful Hotel View

Change Hotel Outlook

A faulty structure or part of thestructure could be the foundation of an unsuccessful hotel enterprise and assuch restructuring may be all that is necessary. Our team of expertise willaudit a hotel, provide a pro in the necessary ineffective departments and willmake recommendations for a working structure and best standard of practicessuitable for a particular hotel. Our aim with this service is to provide well-tailored ideas, plans and structures that will fit the particular needs andwants of a hotel and to train its staff, reorient its management, restructureits policies and reinforce its sales.