The Hospitality and travel industry has been impacted negatively with the COVID‐ 19 Pandemic and the question in the mind of business owners is what next?

• How do I increase sales ?

• How do I reduce my overhead cost ?

• Is takeaway the new norm?

• I am invested so much in training and it is difficult to let go on my workforce, what do I do?

Firstly, do not make the mistake of staying quiet as your customer will forget you. You need to incorporate social distancing and delivery menu as part of your new business strategy.

Here are tips on how to increase revenue in your restaurant during COVID ‐19

Content Strategy

Content generation cannot be business as usual. Have a meeting with your social media manager and develop strategies on the best purposeful content that shows the restaurant response to COVID ‐19 .

Meal Promotion

You need to lay to rest for now your existing menu and develop a new menu tailored for delivery only.


  • Have a meeting with your Chef/ Cost Controller
  • Develop discounted Collabo and Combo Meals tailored for takeout and delivery. For example Pizza & Chicken Wings etc., Jollof Rice and Asun . The new menu should be relatively cheaper than your existing menu and should have a production time of 20‐ 30 mins
  • Create it fresh and ensure and change offering every month by retaining best seller and removing the least sold

Website Revamp

Have a meeting with your website developer and take the opportunity to:

  • Redo your website concept, change the content and implement SEO
  • Do activate Google My Business address listing on your website which allows new customers to find you
  • Insert your new takeaway menu and incorporate a Pay directly on your website thus compiling with COVID – 19 safety guidelines4.

Invest in Digital Marketing

Great its 3 weeks later and you did all the steps listed above and still no sales; before you give up let’s do an analysis

  • Your website has zero traffic and you get 10 viewer per month
  • Social media page has a combination of 1000 Followers

Meaning depending on the time that the advert was run averagely only 500 people saw the ad meaning you re‐converted only 1%. It is important to create a budget for your digital marketing campaign You have a new menu so scale‐up and invest and get a guaranteed increase in revenue during and postCOVID 19.

The Key to Success will be:

  1. Website SEO
  2. Google AD
  3. Display Banner Ad
  4. Social Media Ad

For a minimum of 3 months

Develop an Offline Strategy

Some sates in Nigeria are on partial opening which means a set time to move around. It is important to let your clients know that you are open and their business is welcomed


  • Drop off your delivery menu fliers to companies around you
  • Develop an SMS Campaign and send weekly SMS to new & existing customers

Tik Tok

Cause a disruption in the hospitality market and use Tik Tok to showcase your restaurant business . Fun videos like your restaurant new & improved cleaning standards; Video on your new combo package , Before & After Meal preparation video

Employee Management

Review your current staffing and manning shifts and Do

  • Introduce shift
  • Potential look into reducing manager salaries by 30%
  • Develop a shift where each line staff gets to work weekly thus allows them to get a salary at the end of the month

Researchers are working hard in developing a Vaccine for COVID ‐19 and whilst we await the vaccine restaurant need to scale up, take this an opportunity to revamp your operation.


Written by:

Ijeoma Ugamah