One well-known issue tied to the hospitality industry is theft. This could be either employee or guest theft. It’s become so prevalent that people tend to see it as inevitable or butterfly difficult to combat. Well, in this post you will get to see that it is indeed possible to prevent theft in your hotel.

How to Prevent Employee Theft

Encourage staff to utilise their leaves/vacation

This is one of the best ways to checkmate the theft in your hotel. You get to realize who is stealing when the actual culprit makes use of his/her leave. The difference in occurrence when they are on vacation and when they are not is your answer.

Screen Employees

The easiest way to prevent theft in the hospitality industry is by hiring the right people in the first place. Conduct background check before recruitment. Check to see if they have records of theft from their previous employments. It saves you the time and resources of having to deal with theft later. Note, however, that screening shouldn’t just stop at pre-recruitment. Even as actual employees, it is important to carry out checks at intervals.

Install Surveillance

Having surveillance like CCTV in place will go a long way in preventing staff from stealing in your hotel. Those who have the intention of stealing will definitely find it difficult to go ahead with such an idea, knowing they are being watched.

Get the Horeca Cloud Software

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Final Thought

Hotel theft might be a very prominent problem, but it sure can be prevented when effective methods and put in place. As hectic it might be though, there are technologies to make it easier for you to achieve. One of such is Horeca Cloud. Every hotel owner in Nigeria should definitely utilise this software to their advantage, not just because it combats theft, but also because of how much it makes operations super easy, fast and productive.

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