Transform your Hotel, raise the standard and become an ideal honeymoon destination in Africa.

Millions of couples troop overseas for their honeymoonbasically because they rarely find ideal exotic hotels for their honeymoon inNigeria. A lot of Nigerian hotels do not have packages and the required comfortcouples request during their honeymoon. The few hotels with honeymoon packagesare either below standard or are exorbitant for most couples. However, yourhotel could set the pace for being the honeymoon destination in Nigeria.

So, if you don't know where to start with from, let’s sharewith you some tips:

Luxurious Room

1.       Create Luxury

Newlyweds in need of a honeymoondestination are always on the lookout for luxurious hotels to nest in. Somecouples will prefer a domestic honeymoon vacation within the country thanoutside the country because it will be cost friendly and stress free, howeverthey are very few spots that could meet up with international honeymoon spots.Hence, how do you make your hotel a go to for honeymoon? The devil is in thedetails, a little touch and restructuring of the outlook of your hotel, anextra portrait or drawing, the smell of fresh flowers, the redesigning of yourpouch, creating a view, redesigning a couple’s room for honeymoon or theservices of your staff could be all it takes to be a honeymoon spot. All youneed to do is create luxury, create comfort, create an ambiance of love and addserenity and class to your hotel.

Honeymoon Couple

2.       Create Specific Packages For Honeymoon

The next tip is to create packagesthat are love oriented as well as cost friendly. These packages should have thetheme of celebration of love endearing the couple to each other, it shouldinclude special treats like a dinner for two, breakfast in bed, massage therapyfor two, a love movie cinema for two, love tents for two, flowers, brightcolors and other symbols for representing love. They should be differentpackages that suits the budget of each couple but stills leaves them with athrill and a lifetime experience.

Air Route

3.       Get on the Map

Get your hotel on the map, lettourist and travel agencies know about your honeymoon packages. Be social mediaand search engine friendly. A lot of couples search for possible honeymoondestinations and hence it will be advantageous for your hotel and your servicesto appear on search engines as exotic destination for couples. Manage yourhotel outlook, social media accounts and website to be warm and welcoming. Hardcopy brochures could also be given to travel agencies and other outlets.

Beautiful Serene View

4.       Be Hospitable

After much attention to details,advertising and restructuring, the icing will be warm professional servicesthat will treat your clients as royalty. Your services to the client willdetermine whether the will come back to celebrate an anniversary honeymoon andinform their friends and family or whether they will regret their stay. A wordof recommendation from the bride or groom to their single or engaged friends orfamily could be all you need to haul your next client. Therefore, your servicesmust be topnotch, similar to that of international best standard practices andintriguing.

Well Folded Towels portraying standard

5.       Maintain the standard

Do not fall the standards. Aftergetting your hotel to be a desired honeymoon destination, you have to ensurethat you maintain the standard. The standard of the hotel is maintained byproper management. Hotel management is a challenging, all-encompassingprofession that requires charisma, skill, drive, and a cool head under pressurehence it must be done by professionals.

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