Check Out The Best Night Life Spots in Lagos

When it comes to hangouts spots in Nigeria, Lagos is king! With a large number of places to visit, Lagos Island's hangout spots tell a tale of luxury, class and networking. Exquisite lounges spice up the Lagos nightlife scene. You can escape the city's hustle and bustle by visiting upscale lounges. There are several lounges in Lagos Island but just are few are to die for. Do you want to know? Scroll down to see the best lounges in Lagos.

Sailor’s Lounge

Sailor’s lounge, one of the leading lounges in Lagos, boasts of three sections; Sailor’s Bar, Captain’s Cabin and Captain’s Deck. Captain’s Deck is the first floating bar in Nigeria, it is specifically designed to capture the experience of floating atop the ocean for maximum enjoyment.

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The lounge is fully furnished and has a sea view ambience that compliments the atmosphere. And it is perfect for unwinding, business networking and water view. Sailors’ Lounge is one of the best night hangout spots in Lagos.

Bay Lounge

Bay Lounge is a destination restaurant and lounge tucked in the swanky Lekki neighbourhood in Lagos. From the attractive decor to the overall ambience and excellent service, Bay Lounge is the ‘place’ to be and have a great time.

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The spectacular view of the ocean set against the backdrop of Lagos city lights at night, and a breathtaking panorama of the sunset in the early hours of the evening, is the ultimate ‘Bay Lounge’ multi-sensory experience. Bay Lounge promises first class service in one of Lagos’ most stunning areas while remaining on the pulse of Lagos' nightlife.

The Rue 80 Bar & Lounge

The Rue 80 Bar & Lounge is simply majestic! You will love the ambience - it has a contemporary colourful look. The bar is housed in one of Lagos' finest boutique hotels - Maison Fahrenheit.  The hotel has a nice pool and a rooftop. It's one of the favourite places to chill in Lagos. On weekends they have a band that plays beautiful music. The receptive ambience will thrill you.

The Spice Route

The Spice Route is the home of truly authentic Indian food. Glimpses of its art and culture have been captured in the restaurant space and the food made here is truly flavorful.

Close your eyes and your taste buds will lead you to believe you're actually in India. The love and loyalty of its customers prompted the owners, Shammi & Mithu to dream a greater playing ground for them! And so they take you to a little bit of India when you enter the grand and upscale Spice Route.

Alba Lounge

Alba Lounge is a very cosy and homely lounge for sophisticated professionals, who have a premium taste for good food, entertainment, and exceptional services.

The lounge hosts professional instrumentalists and singers on special days. Also, they host different events such as birthday parties, award ceremony, bridal showers, and social hangouts. When it's time to relax, Alba Lounge is the right place.


MILIKI, a private lounge, was created for those interested in arts, sciences, design and social justice. The lounge is the ideal spot for new thinking and social re-engineering.

MILIKI supports contemporary creativity and culture in Nigeria by introducing artists, writers, musicians and other cultural figures to its’ member audience through the staging of curated events. Located in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, the lounge is open exclusively to ‘Patrons’ and their guests.

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