Human billboard is a well-known means of human connection, interaction, and marketing into an easy but effectual advertisement. It is a creative way to market your brand, product or service. With human billboard advertising solutions, you can interact directly with potential customers in highly populated areas. This could be in busy streets, universities and college campuses, events, and malls.  Human billboards can come in the form of clothing, signs and other wearable options.

Why is Human Billboard so important?

  • It is seen to be one of the cheapest means of advertising, hence why so many brands opt for it.  A human billboard placed in a high-traffic area can be seen by everyone passing through that location. A great way to expose your brand to a big audience for such a low price.

  • With Human Billboards, any organization will be able to effectively reach their target audience.

  • It makes it easily possible to target current or potential customers by places they frequent and offer them the opportunity to test or participate in your brand’s products or services.  

  • Human Billboards have become one of the most popular trends when it comes to advertising and activations, most especially with F & B brands. The reason is simple: it yields immediate and powerful results. Business owners are realizing the power of sign walkers and how they can grow their business. The fact that human sign walkers can be placed in close proximity to the business location makes all the more important. For example; a man wearing a doughnut-shaped costume standing close to a doughnut shop. This raises awareness to passersby and people commuting in their cars, most especially in high traffic areas.


Many companies find human billboards cost-effective given how cheap it is to hire a human billboard. Additionally, people who are holding an advertisement can make quick judgments about who might be more likely to purchase the company’s products, and approach them accordingly

Human billboards have been used by various organizations in the past and have yielded results in the form of an increase in brand awareness and also an increase in sales of any product the organization was advertising. Do you wish to jump on this wagon to boost your business? Contact today.