Every business needs some form of marketing to get the kind of growth and success they desire.  This article focuses on viral marketing and the use of street murals. Here you will get to understand viral marketing is, its advantages and how effective mural advertising is.

Viral marketing entails the use of social networks to get the word out. It is one of the most prominent marketing forms. You see it very often on your social media networks. It is a marketing tactic that requires spontaneity and creativity. Nevertheless, viral marketing actually existed way before the advent of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or any social media network. The internet is simply the best tool to use in recent times if you wish to go viral. From the word ‘viral’ you can easily surmise that viral marketing is simply passing the message across in such a way that they become the buzz everywhere, spreading not just all over the internet but from person to person as well.

When carrying out viral marketing, it’s essential you think, and think properly. This is because the success of the information you place on any of those social networks is actually in the hands of the users. Hence, ensure the message you intend to pass across is crafted is such a way that they aren’t misread negatively. This tells you that viral marketing is not just a factor of luck, as many seem to believe. You actually do have to strategize.

Benefits of Viral Marketing

  • It is very cheap
  • It is a very easy way to reach people
  • Helps in boosting your brand
  • You get to generate leads rapidly
  • It is an effective way to build more credibility
  • You get to enjoy mainstream media exposure
  • It helps increase visibility

The Use of Street Murals in Advertising

Street murals are a great way to capture the attention of people and create a buzz. It is a good way to get your product or service to go viral. Mural advertising entails creating eye-catching art on street walls. They are always hard to miss, hence their huge tendency to lay an impression on the minds of passersby. Street murals are more embraced by the public due to how art-centric it is. This means that mural advertising requires you to be creative, and as a result, companies who make use of it employ professional artists, illustrators or painters. Do note that street murals are more acceptable when done on permitted places. Due to their huge size and glaring tendencies, it is always perceived as inappropriate when situated in the wrong places.

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