What comes to your mind when you first hear the phrase brand activation? Some weird marketing buzzwords? Or some marketing scheme aimed at manipulating people to patronize your brand? Well, you may not be far off, in this blog we would be exploring what brand activation is and how it can benefit your startup company.

What Is Brand Activation?

Brand activation is a relatively new term in the marketing world, becoming popular within the last few years. It refers to an event, campaign, or interaction through which your brand engages directly with the target audience(consumers), generates awareness, drive customer action, and builds lasting connections with your target audience. It is a specific marketing campaign or event, an isolated experience with the singular purpose of elevating your brand.

So now that you understand what brand activation is, let's take the discussion a step further by discussing the importance of brand activation to your startup business. As a new business owner, you always have to be on the lookout for ways t reach out to people and introduce them to your brand, its ideals, message, product, and services. After all the consumers are the backbone of any thriving company, so how do you get the right consumers for your brand? Through brand activation.  Unfortunately as easy and exciting as it sounds it is not always an easy thing to do which is why you would need to invest in a brand activation agency, but before I digress let's take a look at some of the other benefits of brand activation. 

Importance of Brand Activation to Startup Companies

Awareness Creation: Startup companies face the challenge of consumers not being aware of their brand as most consumers are already used to other existing brands. You know your target audience but they don’t know you, and the few who are aware of your brand know little about your brand. Brand activation helps you connect directly with your target audience and allows you to create awareness about your brand to the consumers. 

Generate Engagement: For your brand to take off, you need to make a splash and generate a buzz surrounding your brand. You need to generate engagement with the consumers, get them excited about your brand, and create a trend. What better way to do all this than through brand activation. The buzz generated during the brand activation would ensure the continuous engagement of people with your brand for a long time to come. 

Create Lasting Emotional Connections: Imagine having your target audience not being aware of having a meaningful connection with your brand. Companies thrive on the emotional connections they make with their consumers which is why your brand needs to forge and create strong emotional connections with the consumers. Brand activations are in-person events, experiences, and interactions that forge lasting emotional connections between a brand and its target audience.

Serves as a Source of Generating Revenue: Did you know that  98% of people feel more inclined to purchase a brand’s products after attending an activation? Amazing right? With the right approach, your brand activation can become a great and effective source of revenue down the line for you. So not just would the brand activation jolt your startup business to life and garner your attention from a new audience but it would also ensure the continuous patronage from consumers.

Ensures Your Companies Relevance: Running a business is a never-ending journey, there are the high points and the low points, and you can stumble or rise to the top. In this ever-changing environment, your startup business would need to adapt ways to stay relevant. Regardless of whether your company is new or not, brand activation ensures that your brand establishes its presence and does more than stay relevant. 

Helps Your Business Stand Out:  Why should people care about your brand, products, or services? In the times of digital marketing, it’s extremely hard to stand out among thousands of brands that do their best to achieve their goals. Brand activation offers you an interactive and effective way to ensure that you capture the attention of the consumers and engage with them, ensuring your business grows and that your brand stands out and stays recognizable. 


Building a strong brand is a gradual and multi-layered process. Don’t expect one campaign or event to turn your brand overnight but with continuous efforts and branding initiatives, brand activations can provide you with the added boost you are looking for. They help increase exposure, connect your audience to your brand, and reshape the way your customers perceive your company and products. In a time where perception and personal connection are so integral to business success, brand activations should be an essential element of your branding strategy.

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