Guerrilla Marketing is definitely a must-use in today’s world of social media and low attention span generation.

Guerrilla Marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on the use of imagination and spontaneity in creating unconventional methods of advertising a product or service. The word ‘Guerrilla Marketing’ was first coined by Jay Conrad Levinson , in 1984, but is definitely still a must-use in today’s world of social media and low attention span generation. It catches your audience by surprise, and gives them a memorable experience.

How Does It Work

As established earlier, Guerrilla Marketing requires you to use your imagination and creative unconventional measures to get things done. It doesn't rely heavily on cost like traditional marketing. It is concerned with capturing the attention of the market. All it demands is knowledge, creativity, energy, and time.

You have to do your marketing differently, passing your message in an usual, creative and clear manner. When people see something new and 'weird' they tend to want to know more about it. Doing something usual and quite beautiful at that catches people by surprise, because it's not something they are used to, and that's one way to gain their attention. When done right, that strange, yet immersive advert you've done will get people talking, and before you know it, your brand becomes the buzz.

Guerrilla marketing can be done in different ways, what's key to it, is being unconventional and innovative. It could be by placing flyers or product ads on unexpected physical places, all to get the attention of people. It could also be achieved by creatively associating your brand with events, even when such events are not technically affiliated with your brand.


Cost Effective - It runs on low budget. All you have to do is think, create, and be unconventional to get your results

Compelling - It focuses on psychology and human behaviour, capturing the attention of your audience and gets them to appreciate the ad.

Memorable Experience - It gives your audience an immersive experience, such that they love going back to your brand or talking about it.

Your brand goes viral - Guerrilla Marketing done right, gets everyone talking about your brand.

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