Having the right management software is highly pertinent to hotel businesses, whether big or small. This is due to its high-level results in ensuring the smooth running of your hotel. They sometimes come in various types and capabilities. However, this post focuses on the Front-desk (also known as Front-office) management software. 

Here, you will realize just how big of a deal a Front-desk Management Software is, and which one to go for. 

What does a Hotel Front Desk Management Software do?

A hotel front office management software isn’t just as its name sounds. No, it is not limited to reservations alone. It performs quite a  number of profound functions that it is sometimes referred to as a ‘property management software’, or ‘hotel management software’

So, what does this software really do?

  1. It processes and manages reservations
  2. It maintains housekeeping report
  3. Handles check-ins and check-outs
  4. Generates performance reports
  5. Manages guests in-house
  6. Keeps track for inventory
  7. Processes and manages transactions
  8. Manages End of Shift reports
  9. Effectively keeps track of rates and availability
  10. Performs Front-office accounting


Now, the above might seem too good to be true, as you probably didn’t expect a ‘front desk’ management software to do all that. Notwithstanding, there is quite a few exceptional Hotel Front Office management software that provides all of that and more. One of them is Horeca Cloud. It is tailored to efficiently solve problems in the Nigerian hotel industry. The best part is that Horeca Cloud is actually beyond just Front-desk management. It is an all in one cloud management system performing various functions in integral areas like Accounting, Point of Sale, Human Resources, and more.

To know more about Horeca Cloud, you can simply reach out to the team on info@horecacloud.ng