Bay & Ruts: A Taste of the New

January 1, 2020

While much attention is paid to eating a delicious and worthy breakfast in Victoria Island, you may also be considering how much it will cost. Bay & Ruts Restaurant in Victoria Island has reimagined the breakfast restaurant scene with affordable and great tasting meals. The deals are wow!

Not only did Bay&Ruts provide amazing breakfasts to a large number of Victoria Island workers, the restaurant offers lunch and dinner with free delivery in the Victoria Island axis. Who doesn't like freebies?

The change Bay & Rut has made to the restaurant scene is offering a platform to celebrate their clients, and sharing in their joy. The restaurant offers highly affordable packages for birthday celebrations, bridal showers and other remarkable events.

The C&J team visited the restaurant, and we were awed by their warm reception. You will be dazzled that a plate of sweet potato and fish sauce is as low as 450 NGN. That is one of the reasons why the restaurant is simply amazing! Clients happily call it "Mama's touch".

Crispy Chips at Bay & RutsCripsy Fries at Bay & RutsCripsy Fries at Bay & Ruts
Snacks at Bay & Ruts


Bay & Ruts Restaurant
Pap & Akara at Bay & Ruts
English Breakfast at Bay & Ruts
Bay & Ruts Fresh Pancakes
Bay&Ruts Potato & Sauce
Bay&Ruts Yam and Egg Sauce
Bay & Ruts Small Chops
Yam Balls at Bay & Ruts
Asun Puff Puff

Deals at Bay & Ruts
Lunch Whoppers at Bay & Ruts
Birthday Deals at Bay&Ruts
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