Check Out What Chef Alex is Up to with Southern Sun's Sunday Brunch

We chat with Alex Mwaura, the executive chef of Southern Sun Ikoyi, on what's new in Southern Sun hotel Ikoyi and the secret behind the success of their Sunday brunch. In an interview with Curzon and Jones, he shares his experiences, achievements and a vision for the restaurant.

Southern Sun Hotel Ikoyi, a Four Star hotel, is part of Tsogo Sun hotel group and offers a choice of 195 rooms. The hotel also features a Gym, pool and meeting rooms.

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A Quick Introduction

I am a Kenyan national with over 28 years’ experience in the hospitality industry as a Chef.

My Chef Journey

I trained as an apprentice in the famous Utalii College in Kenya and worked my way to the top. I have been an executive chef for the past 20 years having worked  in Rwanda, Dubai, Kenya and now Nigeria. Working with Southern Sun for 9 years has been great, and I have pre-opened four hotels for them; two in Rwanda and two in Dubai.  My team and I were instrumental in creating one of Southern Sun's signature restaurant – The Nezessausi in Downtown Dubai.

My Inspiration

Feedback is my inspiration. Guest interaction is very important to me, as it helps me understand a lot more about the Nigerians palate and how they like their food.

What I like about Nigeria

Nigeria is a diverse country with a very rich culture. As a Chef, I have come to appreciate Nigerians love for sweet things & fresh food. It is a country where you get a lot of organic recipes and food. Everything is fresh, and it gives me pleasure to recreate food classic like "Bean Cake" and "Jollof Rice" in a modern way.

 My Awards and Recognitions

For me, working at the Nezessausi restaurant in Southern Sun Almanzil was the height of my career. During this period, I led a team that won various awards for two consecutive years. Some of these awards are: Best grill pub; most recommended on “Time Out” Dubai restaurant awards; and “The What’s On “restaurant awards in 2008. Also, while working with Southern Sun Ikoyi, we have won the following awards:

WATH AWARDS(West African Tourism & Hospitality Awards 2010)


 One of My Achievements as a Chef

In August 2011, I led a team of chefs to the Bidvest World Chef Tours against hunger, where we were the only hotel representing Nigeria. I was very proud to have churned out such good team under my tutorship.

Sunday Brunch

Southern Sun's Sunday brunch is open from 11.30am – 4.00pm. Although the hotel receives up to 500 guests for Sunday Brunch, we have well-trained employees that offer impeccable services and help keep the flow going. The F&B manager, Mr Samuel Muiruri, who is also a Kenyan, is friendly to a fault. Furthermore, we have also installed new ACs to enhance guests comfort. The notion that the kitchen is the backbone of every hotel drives us to achieve more because we know that food and beverage is the window to the world.

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My Dream for Sunday Brunch

It's my dream to see Southern Sun Ikoyi become the megacity of real African dishes in Nigeria.

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