Restaurant Restructuring

Alley Restaurant


We were approached by the owners to create awareness for their new lounge.

Problems Identified

Low patronage/revenue

Uncouth staff

Inconsistency in food quality

Poor housekeeping/maintenance

Distorted sales revenue report

Poor marketing.

Store department had no controls or checks.

Actions Taken

Raised the bar on revenue

Marketing the restaurant

Trained staff members and disengage the unproductive members.

Created a proper revenue report template.

Made the premises cleaner and expedited work on the visible maintenance challenges.

Ensured there was improvement in the food quality and consistency.

Got the store department to work properly.


Improvement in the food quality and food display.

Staff was transformed into a more business and customer service-oriented personnel through rigorous and impacting training.

Created a sales report template for a proper breakdown of revenue report.

Curzon & Jones professional storekeeper was trained with controls/procedures put in place for one month.

The cleanliness of the premises improved and outstanding maintenance issues were attended to.

Staff meal was introduced.

Staff got their job descriptions, checklists, employment letters and consequences matrix.

Online presence was enhanced.

Marketing was intense through the use of skaters, newspaper vendors and door-to-door.

Promotions were introduced to boost sales.

Security procedures/practices were evaluated and reviewed to meet with current challenges faced by the restaurant.

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